Handicapped Living Together

Besides the general known symptoms of the dementia such as loss of memory, mental difficulties, to orientation problems and inefficiency with talking, the less known but heavier behavioral disorder comes to addition. They make the living together with the care people and home inhabitant much more difficult. Since rejection, insecurity, mistrust, feeling of inferiority, restlessness, irritability, aggressiveness, sleeping disturbances together with walking around at night, hallucinations and delusional reactions they suffer not only every day but sometimes also every night; not every nurse can suitably fulfill these high psychic demands and bear it.

It is our goal to increase the quality of life and satisfaction of the dementia sick persons.

It is important for the caregiver of an Alzheimer patient to react in this situation not frustrated, pained,or furiously or angrily but pleasantly. The often aggressive reactions of the ill person with dementia are not directed against their caregiver, even it looks in such a way; it is a general result of uncertainty, helplessness, depression, and resignation or rage / anger. Behind all these reactions, there is much more desperation than the outbreak they show and manifest.

Our nursing home is employed with certified and responsible persons who have enough time for them to be taken care of. They are able to respond in the right way and address the issue in all situations and pay attention to all the individual wishes and needs of the patients. There are no strict operating rules. Everybody can have breakfast when he wants. The characteristics and abilities of every individual are considered, respected and promoted. Everybody can disclose his or her needs and we will always listen. It is our goal to increase the quality of life and satisfaction of the dementia sick persons.

Temporal disorientation

Most of dementia sick person’s sense of time is affected. This means that there are no adequate answers to these following questions: What time is it now? Is it morning or evening? Which day? Which month? Which year is it? Dementia/Alzheimer patients are often frightened because of their unawareness of the time. Their body clock is disturbed and as a result, their night becomes a day. Be extra careful if dementia/Alzheimer patients must wait. A few minutes may mean an intolerable eternity for them.

For example, dementia sick persons suddenly would like to go to work; he or she may not be confronted on direct confrontation with his/her failure. They often tend to panic, feel misunderstood or not taken seriously. Our nursing people are willing to tackle this kind of situation. We accept the situation of our dementia patients, praise their conscientiousness and draw the attention to them; such as to enlighten them to the fact that today is a holiday, and we are pleased that she/he can stay at home so that they can be happy.

Giving care with complicated/handicapped patient can be a very hard job. However, here in Mabuhaii nursing home all our staff are trained and specialized to handle any kind of situation that may take place with our patients.

Visual Attitudes of Alzheimer’s Patients Care by Our Nursing Home

Those people suffer from Alzheimer disease may experience negative attitudes towards the affected individuals. One cannot avoid these symptoms particularly for the early stage of sickness. Even to the point that the patients could not recognize everything about his family members. These may happen in relation to the function of memory, perception, and cognitive mechanism in spatial disorientation of patients. Thus, ill seniors turn out to be forgetful, depressive, and emotional or even may leave the house and get lost. Those relatives don’t understand the situation or have fewer ideas about the indication of this sickness may capitulate to comprehend the attitude of their loved ones affected with this illness. Patients also often wander helplessly and cannot find any aim destination. Even the way to the toilet becomes a difficult problem. Therefore permanent care of Alzheimer elders is very valuable. Thus, our nursing home is a kind of institution that takes care to this kind of illness even at the early stage of AD.

In fact, the inclination of lost by almost patients with Alzheimer’s that was impart by family members as a result of study also revealed that 93% of them was mislaid. This indicates the incapability of ill elders to link familiar place with locations in the surroundings. There are characters also of dementia patients that should be distinguished, accepted, and understood by relatives and if not be recognized may lead to gruesome misunderstanding, hatred, and irritation to the one who care to the ill elder. Here are some indication of attitudes of seniors with AD that you should be acquainted and be able to recognize. Accordingly, our nursing home is skillful and adequate to handle with this attitude of Alzheimer seniors.

Dejection or Depressive State

In several dementia cases lead to dejection or even depression of ill seniors. Helpful understanding is necessary to them, though it makes sense to search for disappointment or excessive demand, nobody can avoid to the insist of patient unless the one who take care have knowledge to understand the needs that requires patience and staying power to appreciate them. One can help the dementia sick person to overcome the dejection in which one also register small progress and praises the results of what the sufferer is doing well. In regards to this, the aim of our nursing home is to care for those seniors with Alzheimer or ill from the dementia must be to create a permanent treatment, positive experience, to linger them and recognize. Including praise, quality service, massages, strokes, walks in attractive surroundings are some of their activities. If ever serious depression will be observed among patients, our doctor will be absolutely consulted.

Neglect Recognition of Person

As a result in the advance stage of dementia illness, patients forget and fail to recognize significant things such as, objects, environment and relatives or even her/his partner. The consequences are affecting to irritate and create fear and panic attacks to the patients. This happens because of the false reaction of the central nervous system at the advanced age. The affected persons live in the past; doesn’t even remember the present or what is happening to her/his surrounding. Therefore, one should correct permanently the patient- this would be repeated constantly. And to learn this situation is very painful experience for the family especially for the children not to be recognized by their ill parents.

The situation is always recurring for the Alzheimer’s patient-and need with three things as significant things to comply with them, our understanding, our patience and our help. One must accept it and learn to handle it. Consequently, we at Mabuhaii nursing home are very proficient to handle the entire situation whatever it maybe, as we recognize and acknowledge the situation of our patients. And for the comfort and better relationship towards our patients who reside in our home as well our doctor and nurses who accomplish effective service our nursing home is equipped with quality good services.