Mabuhaii Nursing Home located in Philippines Panay Island is the place for Alzheimer’s or dementia people around the world giving quality service in the hands of our doctor, nurses and caregivers proficient, friendly, loving and certified staffs in this institution.

Mabuhaii Nursing Home Staff

We are committed to dedicate service to our frail seniors suffering from these diseases. Safety, comfort, and relaxing home for ill elders can be observed in our nursing home. Our philosophy is to maintain excellent and quality service to develop awareness in response to this sickness.

We are proud of the best attitudes of our doctor and nurses attentive in their responsibilities they have endowed to each patient. We at Mabuhaii Nursing Home welcoming those family members who wants to situate their loved one with Alzheimer’s to a better place in our home.

Our goal is to give to humanity, professionalism and above all the warmth and affection of Filipino nurses for a new home care for seniors in which they feel comfortable and true freedom can satisfy their desires.

Dr. Grace Fernandez

Dr. Grace Fernandez

Is our dedicated doctor responsible for the medical management of the Mabuhaii Nursing Home. She is an enthusiastic person and a recognized specialist in geriatrics and loves to deal with older people and to help sick seniors. Dr. Grace is a committed medical specialist in here profession. In her many years of service, attending sick elders is here gratitude to help and impart her knowledge to aid those frail seniors in need of support and very understanding person. Dr. Grace Fernandez is a very professional and a very friendly doctor.

She is a diplomat and fellow at Internal Medicine Philippine Society of Geriatric Medicine. Her primary specialty is Geriatrics and an expert in this kind of profession. She graduated from Iloilo Doctor’s College of Medicine, a well known school in Iloilo City and an outstanding student during here college days.

She had done trainings at St. Luke’s Medical Center, Geriatric Medicine and Iloilo Mission Hospital, Internal Medicine.

Dr. Grace Fernandez is a Geriatrician Medicine-Internal Medicine. A Geriatrician studies the aging process and helps care for elder patients as out-patient, in hospital and home-based settings. A Geriatrician is also concerned with treating and preventing Dementia disease.

Elena and Peter Probst, Owner, Mabuhaii Nursing Home

Mr. Peter Probst

The founder Mr. Peter Probst, is the representative and contact person for Europe. He is also accountable for ensuring a high quality level in the entire Mabuhaii Nursing Home. He has a degree in industrial engineering and has worked since 1980 at Audi AG in Ingolstadt, where he has held various management positions.

Ms. Elena Probst

As founder, Ms. Elena Probst takes care of the cultural aspect and preparing of more western influence in cooking, cleanliness and is in charge of the housekeeping area. She has worked more than 10 years in German hospitals as Medical Technologist. With many years of experience in hospital job and as a mother of two adult children Ms. Probst is very loyal in here task and a very independent person.

Mr. Christopher Santacruz

Mr. Santacruz is in charge of our nursing service division. He acquired his nursing skills by exposing himself into direct clinical practice for almost four years in hospital. He also worked as a clinical instructor in a university, supervising nursing students, both in clinical and classroom setting for two years. He is very accommodating and approachable. He is known as responsible, hardworking and has passion in caring elderly clients.