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Our Philippine nursing homes are paradises for nursing-destitute elderly, especially those with Alzheimer's or other dementia illnesses. We offer 24-hour intensive and skilled nursing and with our quality service, each patient can have his/her own nurse or caregiver around the clock for an affordable amount. 

We are guided with a nursing understanding that comes from the natural friendliness and the respect to seniors that is common among Filipinos.

The Filipino people are well known in many countries all over the world as “natural born caregivers.”




Our most important principle is the protection of the dignity of our residents.

Our well managed nursing homes in the Philippines are employed with the certified responsible persons. Our nursing staff provide adequate time for residents. They are able to respond right away in all situations and to all individual wishes and needs by our residents with dementia or Alzheimer's. 

Our medical service is headed by a Philippine-wide recognized geriatric doctor. The medical team and staff are also certified and experienced in their field in handling and responding to our residents.

There are no strict operating rules in our Philippine nursing homes. As such, everybody can have breakfast when he wants. The characteristics and abilities of every single resident are considered, respected and promoted. Everybody can disclose his needs and we always listen. It is the business in our Philippine nursing homes to increase the quality of life, happiness and satisfaction of our residents.

Mabuhaii Nursing Home is tailored for ill seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Consequently, our nursing home in the Philippines is basically qualified for this approach of intensive care. In fact, nurses here are very dynamic to their duties and responsibilities.

Mabuhaii Nursing Home Philippines is very much equipped to render service for those ill elderly residents. We will facilitate and manage them with the help and support of nurses or caregivers solely spending quality time together. 

However, to consider this option and to bring them in a nursing home in the Philippines is a difficult task. For some family members to handle this situation and to look forward for a better, safe, well-managed and quality home service may not seem easy. 

Our competent nursing facility in the Philippines can take care for the elders suffering from Alzheimer's or other kinds of dementia. But how can you be sure if this institution provides quality service and serves as an ideal place for the elderly residents?

This is to impart to the family members to find a nursing home with a bundle of attention to offer, quality medical care, competent nurses and caregivers to sustain the needs of ill elders for reasonable costs. Asia, like Panay Island in the Philippines, is identified and proven to have nursing homes with nurses and caregivers that can perform and act with their duties and responsibilities in a high level of performance for the frail seniors.

The elderly residents in Mabuhaii Nursing Home Philippines are treated like royalties. The elderly patients, who suffer from Alzheimer and dementia, can live in a paradise-like home in our Philippine nursing homes. Our nursing homes are sanctuaries where ill elders with dementia could relax, acquire pleasant surroundings, have a stress-free environment and a peaceful mind.